I recently went to get my teeth whitened at Deddington Dental. There was a great offer available so I was excited to go, despite my fear of the dentist and tooth sensitivity. All I can say is what a wonderful dentist practice! From the very friendly welcome I received at reception, to the patience of my dentist and dental nurse I could not recommend a better place to go!

On having my teeth assessed for the whitening there were a number of other underlying issues found in my teeth, despite having gone for a check up at my previous dentist just days before and being told everything was fine. Dr Kristlee Sabrin Fernandes was able to talk through the problems with me, giving very honest advice on what was urgent and what could be left for the near future. And his advice was spot on, since the problems he recommended as urgent were actually where I had been receiving toothache in recent months. He was able to fit me in for an appointment as soon as possible, and since I am of travelling soon it was a relief to know I could sort my teeth out before I go!

Not only was this very affordable. the procedure itself was brilliant, I felt no pain, and felt completely relaxed (especially since there is a TV on the ceiling which I could watch to distract from the procedure!). I am excited to finish the rest of my treatment here with the Deddington practice, and could not recommend a dental practice more highly than this one. I never received the same quality of care at a dentist. I am happy to drive the 25 miles from my home to go here than any local dentist to me.

– CB

Felt like I’d been punched in the jaw last night because of the anaesthetic! But so relieved to be out of pain. 100% better today. Many thanks Akhil. Top dentist.

– NM (on root canal treatment)

My fear of the dentist is mostly focused around;

  1. dislike of having metal in the mouth
  2.  potential for pain and/or discomfort
  3. fear of something potentially going wrong aka catastrophic thinking (I.e the dentist might accidentally drill through my tooth into my face!)

Overcoming these things has mostly been down to having an understanding dentist (Dr Gupta) who appreciates that some things that are fine to most people strike fear into others. I also find that a full understanding of how long procedures will take and what the procedure is beforehand is helpful. Also, indications from the dentist when parts of procedure are over helps (for instance when any drilling is finished).

I found after years of avoiding the dentist that actually dental procedures move on very quickly and now it seems most procedures are less uncomfortable, quicker and less invasive.

– MH (Nervous Patient)

I was very pleased with how things went yesterday. Smooth and pain-free, which I suspect is a testament to the Dentist’s skills

– GA

When going in for a procedure was greeted in a polite, friendly manner. I have a phobia of needles so understandably was apprehensive for the anaesthetic but was made to feel relaxed and I was kept informed at all times as to what was happening. Overall the service was thorough and precise, I was made to feel at ease and I would feel comfortable if I had to go in for another procedure.

– JB

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your care, kindness and professionalism during my recent visit to your practice. It was not only the excellent treatment I received that impressed me, but also your sensitive, gentle and reassuring approach.

Just a quick line to say how pleased I was with my last visit, all so professional, painless and very pleasant what a difference in the last year.

– RA

Going to the dentist is never the most pleasant of experiences but the team at Deddington Dental make it totally bearable. They offer a very personal service, I always feel that I’m in safe and caring hands and the quality of work is excellent. The dentist recently carried out implant surgery for me and I’m staggered by the result – it’s absolutely perfect.

– MP

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