Specialist Root Canal Treatment

Been declined root canal or re-root canal treatment on the NHS?

Failed root canal treatment elsewhere?

Here at Deddington Dental we are proud to offer AFFORDABLE root canal treatment provided by a dentist with a SPECIAL INTERSEST (further training) in root canal treatment. Root canal treatment sometimes cannot be offered on the NHS due to the complexity and cost involved. Our dentist Dr Kristlee Fernandes has a special interest (further training) in root canal/endodontic treatment and can save most teeth that other dentists cannot.

Dr Fernandes can provide painless, successful and comfortable endodontic treatment. At Deddington Dental we use the latest in rotary root canal equipment to help to save your tooth. You can see Dr Fernandes for a free consultation to discuss the suitability for root canal treatment.

The costs of root canal vary from £275-650 depending on the complexity of the case.

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Root canal treatment provided by a dentist with a special interest in root canal treatment is recommended in:

  1. complex root canal anatomy or curved roots
  2. previously failed root canal treatment
  3. root canal treatment of teeth with crowns already on them
  4. pain from existing root canal treatment
  5. root perforations/broken instruments in the root canal system

When decay spreads into the nerve of a tooth it can cause the nerve to become inflamed, die or become infected. Sometimes this can cause bad tooth ache and sometimes the nerve can die without any pain. When this happens – root canal treatment is required to save the tooth.

At Deddington Dental we use rotary root canal systems available to treat your teeth. Using this latest technology we can provide pain free root canal treatment and aim for the best quality and success rates possible.

Root canal treatment usually takes 1-2 appointments to complete. Local anaesthetic is used and the decay in your tooth is removed – similar to how a filling is done. The dead or inflamed nerve is cleaned out and disinfected. The nerve is replaced with a filling material to seal it off to bacteria and to prevent problems in the future. A crown will usually be recommended after this treatment to protect the brittle tooth.

Root Canal