Tooth Whitening

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£150 off tooth whitening (usual price £349). Complimentary dental consultation included.

Enlighten Deep Bleaching £449 (usual price £599).

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Enlighten Deep Bleaching

What is it?

Teeth whitening is a safe and non destructive way of whitening and bleaching your teeth to improve your smile. The dental bleach safely whitens the teeth and removes staining.

The Procedure

After your teeth are assessed by the dentist as being suitable for the procedure, moulds of your teeth are taken to construct bleaching trays that are custom made for your teeth. These are then fitted in your mouth and you wear them nightly with the provided bleach for an average of 14 nights (depending on how light you want to go). After this your teeth are assessed again and the colour change is recorded. Most patients notice a change of at least 8 shades.

The main side effect is sensitivity to hot and cold things during the period of bleaching. We advise the use of the provided sensitive toothpaste in this time. The sensitivity will go back to normal after the procedure. The effects of the whitening last 12-24 months. The dentist will recommend topping up the whitening 1 night every 3-6 months if you wish to maintain the colour.

Enlighten Whitening


We are happy to offer Enlighten Whitening. SPECIAL OFFER £449 (Usually £599).

Enlighten offers a premium bleaching product which leads to an increased level of whitening for those who want to whiten as much as possible. It includes home bleaching and an in-surgery power boost. Speak to your dentist about this at the free consultation.

What makes Enlighten different and last indefinitely?

Bleach Trays – this is the most important factor when it comes to whitening. Enlighten’s trays are constructed very well and are extremely well fitting – this leads to an improved contact of the bleach to your enamel leading to a much deeper bleach – which lasts much longer.

In-surgery bleaching boost locks in the whiteness and gives a fantastic result.

Bleach – the actual bleaching solutions are the best formulation on the market.

After Care – We provide a tailored after care regime so that the effects of the bleaching last and if you follow this we expect them to last indefinitely.